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Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

Cheat Ninja Saga All In Shop

Cheat Ninja Saga New - All in Shop Ninja Saga 9 feature : 50 TP (Talent Point) per day, instant daily task, god mode for mission, get emblem + 2000 Token for free, list menu www.cheat-muz.blogspot.com, cheat All in Shop New tools fiddler and file swf, how to use cheat ninja saga all in shop :


File swf

Ziddu : Click

Sharebeast : Click
Pass rar : cheat-afrix

Step :

1. Open Fiddler

2. Open Ninja Saga

3. Download File Swf

4. Darg File Swf to Fiddler

5. Clear Cache Browse

6. Go to Shop

7. Enjoy

Feature All in Shop Ninja Saga

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